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Audiobook month is almost over!

June is audiobook month and there are just a few more days to get some serious goodies.

Juicy, Twilight Teahouse Book One is FREE!


Click to get the FREEBIE from:


Barnes and Noble Nook

Authors Direct

Google Play

Find all the other titles on sale for 50% off or more:

Apple - Everything of mine is on sale for $1.99 (NOTE: Looks like they added separate listings for the sale, so if your book says $9.99, don't run screaming in horror like I almost did. Instead, click its twin cover for the discount. Odd, I know :)

Audible - Everything of mine is on sale for $2 bucks and change, but just about all of the authors I love have books on sale, too. Be prepared to stay awhile! :)

Google Play - 50% off

Authors Direct - 60% off


Juicy, Succulent and Luscious take place at the Twilight Teahouse, a private BDSM club in the middle of Seattle where you can enjoy a decadent dinner with dessert or a spa treatment before, during or after your kink of choice.

Shiftin' Sassy is set in the Pryde Ranch Shifters series. Derria Sozi-Pryde, our motorcycle-loving bounty hunter, has chased a rogue shifter into the mountains of North Carolina. And she finds more than she could have ever imagined in them-there hills.

Some Naughty, None Nice introduces us to a woman who has had it with corporate life. She's retired early and plans to relax. Only problem is...she has no clue how. So she heads home to Savannah. And like Dorothy says, "There's no place like home". Especially when home happens to include a gorgeous caretaker who is good with his hands, and his magic.

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