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Hang in there!

Hey all! I'm amazed that in a couple of days we'll be half way done with October. I believe this has been the longest year EVAH! Seriously, 2020 feels like it's been 17 years long and I'm sure that I'm not the only one experiencing fatigue.

I usually run around quite a lot for the day job (which always gave me all kinds of interesting ideas for books). This is the first time in the last 18 or so years that I haven't traveled much. We'd also planned to have a big family vacation this year with the grandkids and all, but that's not happening now. So, if we're not going anywhere and we're working from home until we practically drop, what do we do to chill?

Well, Romance novels have been keeping me fairly sane for years but they are, more than ever, integrated into my daily life. I also have a few apps that help me relax and forget that I've pretty much been under pandemic protocol since March.

So I'm going to tell you what I'm up to these days. Find me here on Twitter and Instagram and let me know what you're doing and how you're hanging in there!

What I'm reading/listening to:

I just finished Grace Draven's 'Dragon Unleashed', which is the second book in her 'Fallen Empire' series. I waited a bazillion years for it and was not disappointed! I just started 'The Rising' series by a new-to-me author named Kristen Ashley. It can be a bit hard to follow at first because there are a LOT of characters introduced in the first book --there are 6 main characters plus all of their many sidekicks. So far, I like it quite a lot.

What's in audiobook production:

Some Naughty, None Nice will be available on iTunes, Audible, Audiobooks dot com, etc. They're recording and producing it this month. Afterward, it's on to the rest of my backlist. I'm thinking about crowdfunding some of my longer books. Putting things into audiobook format is super expensive, but I want to make them available, so we'll see. YAY!

What I'm writing:

I'm half-way through plotting a new fantasy romance series and just starting on a new science fiction romance series, too. Woohoo!! I'm also writing a couple of non-fiction books. One is about how to overcome shitty parenting so we don't pass it down to our children or grandchildren, and the other is about how I'm convinced that cats are masters at relationships and everything I know about men I learned from my cat (secret: I don't have a cat!)

What I'm watching on YouTube:

COREOGRAPHY VIDEOS!!! Yes, people, I'm getting back into dancing after a million years. I'm stocking up on Advil and ice packs!

So whatever you're up to, make sure you are including some self-care in these very odd, quite crazy times! Hugs, y'all!

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